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Being a Mariners fan June 23, 2012

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It is tough these days being a Mariners fan these days. I really love being from Seattle and I will support the Seattle teams until the end of my days but it’s hard when they continue to disappoint you. The Sonics left town, the Seahawks have spiraled downwards since their Championship run, and the Mariners… 2001 was a great season but failing to make it to the Championships is sad. Having the greatest regular season in the history of baseball is amazing but without the ring it’s kind of embarrassing to say you are a Mariners fan. In fact the best sports team in Seattle is either the Storm, the WNBA team which in itself is embarrassing to know that, or the Seattle Sounders, the MLS team. Not to say that these teams aren’t amazing in their own right but when the big three sports can’t succeed you have to see how the other sports in your city are doing. With the mention that the Sonics and an NHL team will be in town is pretty amazing. This needs to happen when the fans in Seattle are so loyal. No matter how bad a team is there will always be support. With the backing of Nordstrom and Steve Ballmer, Chris Hansen has a chance to really bring a basketball team back to Seattle.

Back to the matter at hand, being a Mariners fan. The Seattle Mariners have spiraled down into the perpetual failure spiral. We have the best leadoff batter in the history of baseball and the King of pitching but that’s where our game ends. We have some quality players but the team can’t put it together. We failed to get any players to our team over the off-season. Our power hitters include guys that aren’t even hitters that people are scared to pitch too, Kyle Seager and Justin Smoak. Our biggest off-season move happened years ago and he hasn’t even hit half as good as what he did in Anaheim. I am talking about Chone Figgins who could have been a great number 2 hitter but now he is more of an 8 or 9 hitter and that’s only because you have to play a player making that much money. Dustin Ackley has been a great surprise and he is going to be the future 2 or 1 hitter but still we need to fill out the rest of the lineup. As of right now the team is more of a farm team to the rest of the league. The Seattle Mariners have more players in the MLB than anybody else.  With 36 players in the MLB that have been produced by the Mariners we have been the most successful team in that right. How is it possible that we can create good players but can’t keep a good team. 4 of these players are now playing with the Yankees, considering Yankees are one of the best teams in baseball it shows how well the Mariners develop good players.

I want to root for them but it’s hard being a fan when you are constantly disappointed. I will never stop loving them and I will always be in there corner. Thank you Seattle for being a great city and for creating one of the best farm system for MLB players.


Fantasy Basketball February 29, 2012

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Midseason Report

So this year in my competitive league has been a little bit underwhelming as I drafted Dorell Wright to high, which I knew he wasn’t as good as projected but I didn’t think he was going to be as bad as he has been. He has games where he is a great pick at where I got him and then other games where I regret ever getting him. Also Andray Blatche, what a waste of a player. A beast in his 4th and 5th year. He was showing so much promise when he finally had his chance his 4th year. And his 5th year he only built on top of that with 16 & 8, but this year has been horrendous. He is undeniably the worst draft pick ever. I needed points, rbs, and stls and what I got was useless. I have made up for it with waiver wire pickups: Lou Williams, Ersan Ilyasova, and Jeremy Lin. I am trying to pick up the slack in my 3 point endeavors with a recent pick up of Belinelli, however I am not very confident at this point.

I was able to make a huge trade in the first half by trading Rajon Rondo & Danilo Gallinari for Marc Gasol & Andre Iguodala. It took me awhile to figure out this trade but this trade is paying off with HUGE DIVIDENDS. Considering both of the guys I traded are injured on and off during the season this has been very good for me. As it stands my team looks like this:

Ty Lawson
Marco Belinelli
Andre Iguodala
Tim Duncan
Chris Kaman
Brandon Knight
Dirk Nowitzki
Marc Gasol
Jeremy Lin
Dorell Wright
Lou Williams
Ersan Ilyasova
IR: Andray Blatche


I have pleasantly surprised as of late with Timmy D. He has been performing quite well this year and now Dirk is playing well getting 20-10 the other night but his free throws were a bit underwhelming. The season is half-way over and my biggest concern right now is that I am in 9th place and I need a big influx in 3’s.

Marquette vs Washington 12/6/2011 February 29, 2012

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First off what a game. The game was a very tight match up the whole way through. I had a very enjoyable time watching the refs give the game to Marquette. Nonetheless it was a good game. Too bad UW is once again a horrible free throw shooting team, 50%. I understand why they don’t try and draw fools, because they will probably miss the free throws. It’s kind of embarrassing when your FG%, 48.5%, is almost as good as your FT%. What is going on?

This was my first game EVER at MSG, Madison Square Garden, The GARDEN and it was great to watch my home team take it to #11 Marquette. The Dawgs showed that they are going to be a contender come March. The team might be young but there is a tremendous amount of talent on the court when the Huskies come to play.

Coming Back to NYC delayed: Thank you Irene! December 7, 2011

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I took a mini vacation to Houston this past weekend. I stayed at a friend’s lake house and we had a good time. we went jet skiing, tubing, went on a boat, and partied. There were about 10 of us staying at this house for the weekend. We had a great time hanging out and drinking. While I am in Houston my flight back to NYC gets cancelled so I know that I am not coming back on Sunday. However my flight has not been rescheduled yet. I find out Saturday Night that my flight gets rescheduled to Sept. 4th! How is this possible?! I try to reach the airline but all I get is a computer generated message. I finally decide to just wait standby on Monday. I get to the airport and I am hoping from terminal to terminal trying to get on a flight, and so are 200 other people. After about 4-5 flights I decide to just give up. I have a friend in Atlanta that said I could stay over until things settled down. So I talk to the airline company and they book me on a flight to Atlanta Monday night and a flight from Atlanta to Newark, ugh Newark, on Wednesday. I forgot to tell you Monday is my birthday so I am on standby for my birthday in an airport. Yippee!!! Any way, so after I settle what I am going to do I go to the Center bar in Houston and have a couple drinks, these drinks were not what I would have wanted for a birthday drink… Then I make my move towards my terminal for my ATL flight. The flight to ATL was awesome I got hooked up on the plane with free drinks, AWESOME!!! I land in Atlanta and my hell of a birthday is over.

Tuesday in Atlanta

I try to make the best out of my day here. So I am told that there is restaurant called the Highland Bakery. I go there with my girlfriend and we share a cinnamon roll, jalapeno foccacia, and cilantro corn pancakes. Highland Bakery is an awesome breakfast place to go. The service was quick, they were in general very nice and we talked to them about Atlanta and New York. It gave my overall experience of the place two thumbs up. The cinnamon roll that I had was delicious. The cream on top was a cream cheese topping and the cream cheese wasn’t too heavy. I suggest getting the large to share. The bread was thick and moist which allowed for the cinnamon flavor to soak in, as well as holding the cream on top. Next we were served the jalapeno foccacia and cilantro corn pancakes. The foccacia was crisp and the jalapenos were baked right in with cheese in the middle. We used this for dipping in the sauce of the pancakes. The jalapenos weren’t overpowering and gave the bread just the right kick. On to the main course the pancakes. These Pancakes were great. I never thought of it before but having breakfast at a bakery is probably the smartest thing you can do. I mean when the waitress came out with our pancakes it looked heavenly. The sauce was poured over the pancakes and I couldn’t wait to dive in. When I cut into the pancake the eggs in the middle broke and all the yolkey goodness poured over the pancakes. The pancakes were light and fluffy, they were cooked so perfect that I didn’t even need a knife to cut into it. Overall my experience was phenomenal.

After our breakfast we headed over to Joanna’s alma mater, Emory. She showed me around and we took pictures. I saw all the buildings she used to take classes at and all the cool things that Emory had to offer. I also took a picture in front of the mascot. After touring the campus I went to toured all the hotspots. Such as the local bars that all the Emory kids hit up after their finals, the bar crawl that they would have and even went to Buckhead to tour that area. After finishing my short tour of Emory and Buckhead we went home. Then at night we met up with some friends and went to Seasons 52.

Now Seasons 52 is quite an interesting restaurant. They change their menu seasonally, so four times a year, as well as changing a section of their menu every week. Hence Seasons(4 seasons) 52(52 weeks). Also everything on their menu is under 475 calories, which is awesome for anyone trying to maintain a steady diet. But the thing is with their food it is also very good. And the portions are pretty healthy. We all shared a shrimp flatbread, and I had a Ceder Planked Roasted Salmon. The Salmon came with asparagus, carrots and potatoes. When the Salmon came out it came out on a ceder plank which was very awesome. Joanna got the buffalo chicken salad, Neil, one of our friends, got the Chicken(?), and Reena, another friend, got the Rainbow trout. Everything we got was a good size portion which left us wondering how could this be under 475 calories. When dinner finished they came out with dessert. Now I usually don’t like getting desserts because it is usually too heavy and they give me too much dessert that I am too fond of. However, this was a totally different case. They bring out these desserts in a very small glass, which to me is exactly the size portion that I want for dessert. The size of the glass is like a double shot glass. I had the dark chocolate oreo cake, which was perfect. It had a very rich chocolate flavor and the cake wasn’t thick. It was moist and it left just perfect as I finished my meal.

Being stuck due to Irene was a bad experience but I am glad I was able to visit Atlanta at least to taste some of the food that I have heard so much about. If it is ever possible I would love to go back and try some more. Maybe even go to the original Chick-fil-a in ATL. I had a great time on my vacation and an even better food trip then I thought I could have.